NT Technology

NT-Diamonds on a segment

NT-Diamonds on a segment. Picture showing hair coverage on skin.

NT Technology for near perfect diamond distribution. BD&T has developed a new manufacturing technology, which positions the diamonds to have an optimal 3D spatial orientation, which allows each individual diamond crystal to cut at its best. The optimal distribution of hair on the skin of a person or an animal is well known to man.

Picture of a section of the above segment; NT-Diamond coverage is still visible.

This natural optimal coverage was taken as the basis for the development of the technology. But unlike with hair on skin, this pattern extends itself in all three dimensions, so that this pattern is visible regardless of the direction in which the diamonds are exposed.

Picture show NTdiamonds: Mining bit

Compare the pictures below of a section of skin showing hair coverage compared to sections of diamond impregnated segments.
Picture of NT diamonds: Wire bead

Picture of NT diamonds: Quantum® Wire bead

Quantum® diamond tools all have the following properties:
• They are made by the NT Technology.
• They are multi-layered.
• They are sintered for optimum performance.