Concrete Coring

NT-Diamonds on a segment

NT-Diamonds on a segment. Picture showing hair coverage on skin.

NT Technology results in near perfect diamond distribution. Quantum® Diamant GmbH has developed a new manufacturing technology, which unique positions the diamonds to have an optimal 3D spatial orientation, this allows each individual diamond crystal to cut at its best.

Picture of a section of the above segment; NT-Diamond coverage is still visible.

A good spatial orientation enables the efficiency of the diamond tool to increase as the best cutting parameters are achieved from as few diamonds as possible

Picture show NTdiamonds: Mining bit

The diamond cutting tool pictured on the left is a good illustration of the arrayed diamonds at work. The even spread of the diamonds in three dimensions is noteable. Historically diamonds could “clump” together resulting in relatively uneven diamond distribution and cutting efficiency.
Picture of NT diamonds: Wire bead

Picture of NT diamonds: Quantum® Wire bead

Quantum® Diamant GmbH all have the following properties:
• They are made by the NT Technology.
• They are multi-layered.
• They are sintered for optimum performance.

Core Bit Segments for Reinforced Concrete


  • Med – Heavy reinforcing
  • Drill motors ≥ 2,5 kW

  • Smooth drilling
  • Fast drilling
  • Good Life
  • Good value for money
  • Customized segments possible

  • Top grade Diamonds
  • Half Roof for easy collaring
  • Easy Silver soldering
Art No Segment LXBXH Nom Ø
50QWT0523510 24 x 3,5 x 10 47 – 66
50QWT0823510 24 x 3,5 x 10 67 – 99
50QWT1223510 24 x 3,5 x 10 100 – 139
50QWT1704010 24 x 4,0 x 10 140 – 225
50QWT2004510 24 x 4,5 x 10 180-250
50QWT3005010  24 x 5,0 x 10  > 250

Our In-House Technology

Quantum® Diamant GmbH is a start-up company formed by a group of experts from the diamond tool industry. The company is situated in Celle, Germany, on top of the German oil fields. All of the associates of the company have more than 25 years’ experience in all aspects of diamond tools for cutting and drilling concrete, reinforced concrete, natural stone and for exploration drilling in mining.

The founder of the company had developed new technologies to improve manufacturing efficiencies, which lead to significant savings in the cost of manufacturing. In addition to this, a new technology was developed to position the diamonds in a 3D pattern in a matrix-like distribution in the sintered diamond cutting elements of the diamond tools, otherwise known as NT-Technology.

The combination of several factors makes Quantum® Diamant GmbH and its products unique:

  • New sintering technique, dropping cost of manufacture (Price Benefit)
  • New diamond distribution technology improving the performance of the diamond tools (Performance Benefit)
  • Low cost structure of the company (Additional Price Benefit)
  • A group of experts pouring their innovative ideas into the company (Sustained Innovation Benefit)
  • The company is very well located;
    • Close to the airport Hanover
    • Close to the major German freeways
    • Close to the research institutes in Hanover
  • The associates of the company are experienced in the manufacture, design and application of diamonds tools all over the globe (Wide Experience Base Benefit);
    • The gold and platinum mines in Southern Africa
    • Granite quarrying in Southern Africa, Spain, Italy, Norway and Russia
    • Diamond wire sawing in non-mining environments such as concrete, reinforced concrete and metal cutting in all of western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and even in remote regions like Eastern Siberia.

The decision to form a new company was a logical step to pass the benefits of this vast pool of know-how and skill on to customers and users of diamond tools.

The result is the Quantum® Diamant GmbH range of diamond tools.