Diamond Wire

Quantum® Diamond Wire for Construction
Diamond Wire Made in Germany lets you have your cut from a dependable supplier in the heart of Europe no need to order big quantities and worry about future performance. Simply order from our factory as much as you need when you need it.

Why Diamond Wire?
The use of diamond wires saws on construction sites has become a well-established method for cutting concrete efficiently. It offers many benefits to contractors who have to demolish or modify concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry.

Typical Applications
Cutting of:

  • Steel reinforced concrete walls, floors and ceilings
  • Concrete beams, tunnels, columns and foundations
  • Any confined concrete structure, i.e. bridges, dams, docks, viaducts, nuclear plants, military installations and bunkers
  • Any large, irregularly shaped or inaccessible concrete structure
  • Large metal structures (oil rigs, ships)
  • Cutting under water


  • Clean, efficient performance
  • Little noise, dust pollution and no structural damage
  • Cost effective
  • Fast, with little or no touch-up when the cutting operation is complete.

Quantum Diamond Wire
The Quantum® wire takes it one step further.


  • Dependable
  • Internationally available
  • Reinforced rubber spacer
  • NT Technology for optimized Diamond Positioning (3D multi-layered Diamonds)
    Very Fast Cutting
    Longer Life

Wire Performance Data

  • Best linear speed: 25 to 37 m/s 
  • Life expectancy*: 3 – 6 m²/m
  • Cutting speed*: 1,25 – 4 m²/h

* Dependent on hardness of aggregates, steel content of the concrete and available machine power.

Diamond Wire for Construction

Quantum® Reinforced Concrete Wire

Type Machine KW Spacer Beads/m Bead Ø Cutting Rate m²/h
Life m²/m
Quantum® C50 Up to 25 kW Rubber 40 10,5 mm 1,25 – 4 3 – 6
Quantum® C40 25 kW and more Rubber 40 11,5 mm 1,25 – 4 3 – 8

Quantum® Masonry/Bunker Wire

Wire Type Spacer Beads/m Bead Ø Cutting Rate m²/h
Life m²/m
Quantum® C20 Rubber 40 11,5 mm 1 – 4 3 – 7

Diamond Wire for Special purposes

Type Machine KW Spacer Beads/m Bead Ø
Quantum® MC50 Up to 30 KW Rubber 40 10,5mm

Notes on MC50 Wire

  1. The cutting rate depends on the material, size and machine power.
  2. This wire can also be used to cut without cooling water (like in nuclear applications) provided that the cuts are covered against dust and the dust is vacuumed off with a strong industrial vacuum cleaner.
  3. For advice on the use of Quantum® MC 50 wire kindly contact Mr O Brits +49 171 580 6773
  4. For non-ferrous metal cutting, kindly contact Mr O Brits for tips and advice.

Quantum® Diamond Wires for other Applications

  • Limestone/Marble Wire Beads
  • Wire for cutting Limestone or marble
  • Wire beads for Irish Blue Stone